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WATTTON Solution :
Technology of Blockchain Structure

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Introduction & Developing WATTTON Idea Energy

The WATTTON is an 'idea-energy trading platform' that will discover, introduce, and develop sustainable, carbon-free, eco-friendly, economical, and mysterious energy. From the development of eco-friendly energy at the level of an idea to the commercialization of 'idea energy products' at a tradable level, we will provide a new trading platform on the energy trading platform. 

These idea energies will be also registered as NFTs as well, and will act as : a) Patent registration, b) users are able to purchase these NFTs, and also 3) tradable via NFT auction type all on WATTTON platform.

WATTTON Application Service Layer

Application Service Layer is a layer where various services are implemented on the Wharton platform. In this layer, there are various projects developed by individuals and companies participating in the Wharton or Wharton ecosystem. Data for energy-related funding and energy transactions, and user activity information enters the core (blockchain) layer through service and component layers. In the future, Wharton will not only develop a variety of services and projects on its own, but also provide SDKs to enable a variety of expansion services using the Wharton platform, giving many people the opportunity to create services that enrich the energy ecosystem.

Service Component Layer

WATTTON’s Service and Component Layer serves as a window for data access to blockchain networks, such as funding for [Application Service Layer]. The various services on the Wharton platform are connected to the blockchain network only through the Service and Component Layer. If a blockchain network is established for WATTTON in the future, we will be able to preprocess it in [Service and Component Layer] for funding and projects. We will also increase accessibility to blockchain networks through API.

Core Layer (blockchain layer)

Core Layer contains information on funding and user activities in the Wharton ecosystem in blockchain and distributed storage. In particular, managing the history and authority of funding plays an important role. This important information should be stored on a blockchain network to avoid data loss due to tampering and server failures. The blockchain that will keep the basic data will be operated based on Ethereum network.

Data stored on WATTTON Platform

Idea-related data

In addition to basic information related to ideas, there are large amounts of data such as multimedia and attachments to express ideas, as well as non-core data such as comments and views when energy idea clouding progresses. This is managed in a separate distributed repository to reduce the overload of the blockchain.

Personal Data

Personal data from users who subscribe to the platform is encrypted and managed in distributed storage. In addition to simple personal information, the user's activity on the platform is included, and each user has ownership of the data.

Ecosystem-related data

Transaction data generated within the Wharton ecosystem, or the movement of funds using tokens, is recorded on the blockchain, but related information and details of ecosystem users are managed in a separate distributed repository.

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