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Welcome to WATTTON
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WATTTON Ecosystem

The WATTTON platform is designed to promote the cleaner environment, industries, and culture, and WATTT Token will create a synergy with the platform to build and operate a cleaner environment for all, by exploring and constant backing all potential renewal and sustainable energy-ideas that are able to be produced and distributed to all.   

IDEA Energy Exchange Platform

    2. Sustainable, Renewable Energy Spot and Future Trade Exchange. 

Voting for Incubating
New IDEA Energy

WATTTON collects a wide range of potential idea-energies submitted by anybody who has creative ideas to produce sustainable and renewable energies all over the world.  Users on our platform can see every single idea-energy with high potential to be produced as circulating energy on our platform, and users can vote on what they think to have the most potential to be actually produced and distributed from industrial to households via WATTTON token. Once users vote, they get rewards for voting, and the amount of rewards are proportional to the amount of token they spent to vote. 


After the voting period, the “idea-energy” that obtained the most vote are opened to the public for crowdfunding, utilizing WATTTON token. During the crowdfunding period, users can freely participate in funding the “idea-energy”; there is no limit to the amount, as well as no limit in participation to the crowdfunding.


WATTTON token will be initially launched on the Ethereum blockchain platform to increase speed-to-market and for us to create a minimum viable product. WATTTON Token (WATT) functions as the token to discover, vote, fund, and back the production of all ‘renewable and sustainable’ energies all over the world.

Next-Generation Energy,
Hyper Technology X ECO System,

A Next Level of
Energy Trading Platform 

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WATTTON believes in creating a better world for the future generations by giving them the gift of a clean environment and sustainable energy resources without destroying or wasting current resources.

We accomplish this through our suite of business products and harness the potential of technology to build solutions that will be utilized to produce various types of ‘eco-friendly’ energies such as water-fluorinated (hydrogen oxidation) energy, or non-motor / powerless energy that reduces massive carbon emission. 

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We Take Pride in Our Milestone.

2021, DEC



  • Partnership partnerships with more than 5 companies and international organizations

  • Completion of Security -Technical audit with CERTIK (planned)

2022,1st Q 



  • START WATTTON ECONOMIC SYSTEM       (Open the WATTTON Project Voting System )

  • List on  Global exchanges (planned)

2022,2nd Q

  • START WATTTON Crowd funding Service with WTT

  • Partnership partnerships with more than 20 companies and international organizations 

  • START WTT Funding-Investment System

2022,3/4 Q

  • Development of IDEA-Energy NFT in WATTTON System

  • Development of an idea-energy product mall using multi-blockchain

  • List on  Global exchanges (planned)

2023, 1/2 Q

  • Start the system of  IDEA-Energy NFT in WATTTON Functions

  • Start  the service of 'WATTTON idea-energy global Mall' using WATTTON Token economy

  • Partnership partnerships with more than 50 companies and international organizations

  • Start the service of 'Investment WATTTON' to IDEA-Energy Companies on the global stage

  • Started development of WATTTON logistics system

Our Partners

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Eco, Energy Company



Associations of

Global Eco, Energy Issue

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